Monday, May 05, 2008


The thirteenth annual Romance Slam Jam was held this past week. April 30 – May 4th.

As always it was wonderful to see all the writers and meet all the readers.
I want to thank the committee, - Deatri King Bey, Dyanne Davis, Barbara Keaton, Ann Clay, Lisa G. Riley and the Chicago RAW Sister Book Club.

These ladies know how to throw a party. I have been in need from some serious fun and they showed me the time of my life.

I have some pictures and hopefully a video to share, so for now I will post a link to a site that has theirs online now and who I wanted to introduce to you as another wonderful place to promote books – URBAN REVIEWS

I had the pleasure of meeting the hosts Radiah and her hubby Charles Hubbert. They have some fantastic pictures. You’ll see a few of me in them. As you will see from the pictures we all had a great time.

Click on the link and scroll down, there is a post for each day and they have some videos of the karoke session, which was too funny.

If you went to slam jam, please share your experiences.

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rhondajjoseph said...

Hi, all,

I’m still trying to recuperate from that wonderful event, because as LaShaunda said, those folks really know how to throw a party. This was my first Slam Jam, and I was in awe of the experience. I finally got the chance to meet some of the writer friends I’ve corresponded with online for years, and it was like a reunion, indeed. Everybody was so wonderful and down to earth. I always enjoy meeting people, and these readers and writers were awesome! I definitely have to put Slam Jam on my must do list for each year.

I think the best thing about the event for me was the fact that I had the opportunity to wear all three of my writing related hats, and it was just fine. I donned my editor hat to take pitches for Whispers Publishing, I put on my author fedora to meet readers in the reader session and the signing, and then I switched up with my reader baseball cap to meet other authors and have them sign my personal books. This chameleon like morphing was not only accepted, but it was expected. I loved it! I can’t think of anywhere else I could have done that and had such a great time.

See you in California next year!

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