Sunday, August 23, 2009


Heaven Is Real: Lessons on Earthly Joy-What Happened After 90 Minutes in Heaven
by Don Piper, Cecil Murphey

Penguin Group (USA)
ISBN-13: 9780425226469

So how should we spend our time on Earth? Don Piper, the Minister of Hope who spent 90 minutes in Heaven, brings us God's message.

Hope for the here and now from the multimillion-selling author of 90 Minutes in Heaven.

Millions believe in Heaven. Don Piper's been there. He was pronounced dead after a car accident on January 18, 1989. Ninety minutes later, Piper came back to life with an extraordinary story. His 90 Minutes in Heaven has strengthened the faith of countless people.

When Piper returned to this life, he had a long road back to health, dealing with painful treatments and physical disabilities—the "new normal," as Piper calls it. Still, he had been transformed spiritually and this allowed him not only to cope with his suffering, but to transcend it. Piper found purpose in his pain, he found the message in the mess, and so can anyone else who embraces God's grace in the here and now—as well as the Hereafter.

Don Piper did not return from Heaven alone—he brought the gift of hope back with him. Those who read Heaven Is Real can use what he learned to live the lives God has called them to live.

When Someone You Love Has Cancer:
Comfort and Encouragement for Caregivers and Loved Ones
by Cecil Murphey

Harvest House Publishers
ISBN-10: 0736924280
ISBN-13: 978-0736924283

When you’re caring for someone with cancer, it’s difficult to know how to truly be there and how best to respond to the unexpected twists and turns that accompany a devastating diagnosis. This comforting book inspires caregivers to seek peace and understanding in their loved one’s situation, learn the importance of active listening, and explore their own feelings of confusion and unrest.

Beloved watercolor artist Michal Sparks’ soothing paintings combine with practical helps and honest “I’ve been there” admissions from bestselling author and longtime pastor Cecil Murphey that detail handling both the physical and emotional challenges of illness. Caregivers will learn how best to handle anxiety and apprehension, answer questions honestly and with love, deal with their own emotions of exhaustion and helplessness, and bring hidden feelings to the surface.

This much–needed book uniquely combines practical ways to help a friend and family member deal with a devastating disease and spirit–lifting thoughts for celebrating the gift of life in the midst of troubles.

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Keshia Askew said...

I have read the book and it is a true testament of God's grace, mercy, and favor He has for His people. A true testimony that you can make it through whatever trials and tribulations that life throws your way as long as you hold on to God's unchanging hand, having faith and believing he will see you through it all.

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