Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Katherine Jones Scholarship Winner

My Inspiration

I recently took a trip to Atlanta to attend the Black Writers Reunion & Conference, after winning the Katherine D Jones scholarship sponsored by SORMAG. And I think I broke out of my shyness because I had a BLAST on top of learning so much about the literary industry, and sharing my dreams with others. I have always thought of myself as an introvert, but I'm truly an extrovert who really loves to meet and greet others sharing a common interests for books, reading, and writing. I met some of the most amazing writers from all across the country with personal stories of inspiration, who offered words of encouragement and a wealth of information that will assist me during my writing in progress.

One writer I met in particular was someone like me, the previous year, gathering all the resources she needed to make her dreams of becoming a published author, TRUE. Inspiration #1 Nakia R. Laushaul, author of The Truth As I See, driven by her faith to write and published her book of poetry and prose within a year. WOW! In addition, she hosted one of the workshops this year at BWRC, sharing with other authors how to write some cents into it by turning your passion for writing into a potentially lucrative business.

I had the opportunity to meet several other writers such as Dwan Abrams, Stacy Hawkins Adams, and Vincent Alexandria titled book Black Rain, which is now set to show on the big screen. What an amazing accomplishment for Mr. Vincent! I was so fortunate all workshops of my choice and one of my favorite ones were with Sharon Ewell Foster who hosted Creating Strong Characters, Dialogue & Style, and Writing Christian Fiction. Inspiration #2 Sharon made me realize there’s no escaping my desire to write the story that is on my heart, especially if GOD has a hand in the destiny he has pre-determined for me. All I have to do is just write it. Therefore, I am writing it with everything I had learned to carry me through my journey.

I also enjoyed meeting and participating in Linda Beed's workshop. She hosted Authors as Activist. Inspiration #3--- thanks Linda for helping me see my passion beyond the quote of ‘just writing’. My passion as an author activist is to help other see that their life has value. Inspiration #4 Renee Daniel Flagler who hosted the workshop So You Wanna Write. I simply love Renee’s personality as a determined, professional, easygoing, God empowered enterprising person. What a true motivator! Her presentation was phenomenal for anyone who has a desire to write. She told me to just write, write, and write!

Attending the Black Writers Reunion & Conference was a blessing beyond belief just to be in the presence of other writers who uplifted each other with fellowship, and made this stranger within myself, feel as though I was a part of a whole new family. Many doors have been open, one, which allowed me to join a local writers group with a few published authors from the conference. I have formed many friendships with kindred spirits who embrace the muse of writing and networking. Most importantly, I have removed the term 'inspiring' writer from my vocabulary when ask if I’m a writer. Inspiration #5 a special thanks to Tia and Monica, the directors of BWRC who encouraged me to claim and believe what I am.

I am a writer!

Here's a link of my slides (pics) from the conference...


Leticia Bouvier-Williams is the first recipient of the Katherine Jones Scholarship awarded to an aspiring writer to attend a live conference.

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Shelia G said...

Thank you for sharing. Kay was a dear friend of mind and I miss having her to confide in.

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