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Deon C. Sanders (Pen: Deno Sandz), a husband and father of six, was born in Alabama and raised in Chicago. He is the prolific author of three supernatural/horror suspense/thriller novels titled Miss Mary Weather: A Southern Nightmare, Pen of Iniquity, and I AM. He is also the owner/creator of Deno Sandz Productions/Six Shortyes Films.

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I,AM: A force of relentless evil
We all know how the story begins: God is completing Heaven and Earth. Heaven was full of splendor... and the Angels were filled with laughter. Except for Lucifer, the most exquisite Angel in heaven and the most jealous of God. Lucifer's jealousy of God ignites a war between God's Army and Lucifer’s followers. As the war ends, God and his army conquer Lucifer, banishing him from heaven. With God's own two hands, he throws Lucifer out of Heaven to rule in hell for all eternity. However, Lucifer did not gather his jealousy of God and the thought of War by himself. Lucifer was tempted, and manipulated into thinking he could defeat God, by an unknown evil, just as powerful as God. Its name was "No Name," it was neither good nor evil, and it was neither merciful nor malicious. It's "I,AM."

How did you start out your writing career?

I started my writing "Life style" not career at an early age. Sometimes I think I can remember as far back as the womb. My mother is and was a great writer with aptitude and stories of real life,southern myths, and superstitions. My father was extremely intelligent...a man of vision, a phenomenon, cultured, a historian, and in my mind an angel, as well as my mother who slipped away from heaven's library of truth and fiction to create me.

What did you learn while writing this book?

While writing this book I learned that the premise of an author is to continue writing until every reader is exposed to his/her art of writing, even though his/her other books have not received the recognition they deserve.

What did you hope to accomplish with this book?

Accomplishment is the foundation of hope. Without hope a writer never gets to his/her pinnacle. Like this book and every other book I penned or am about to pen. I hope to inspire the fictional side of readers.

Is the "Writer's life" what you thought it would be?

A writer takes the good reviews with the bad reviews. This is my life, my dream despite the everyday hustle and bustle trying to take care of a family. So there's no foreshadowing on the future. But I believe my future rest on my "writing gift." Yes, it is what I thought it would be. You have to color before you can write, as in crawl before you walk.

Which five characters would you invite over for dinner and why?

The five characters I would invite over for dinner would be; Socrates, from Plato "The last day of Socrates," Gulliver, from "Gulliver's Travels," Mr. Brown from "Meet the Browns," Robin Hood from the new movie(2010), and Nelson Mandela from "Invictus." These are inspiring characters who reminds me of myself. Dedicated, adventurous, funny, philosophical, and honorable.

What are three things you wish you'd known before you reached where you are now?

The three things I wish I had known before reaching this point of my writing life is that I would have tried to save more money to promote my books, not to except ever offer from publishers who did not understand my vision, and how patience you must be to even get a glimmer of what a successful writer is.

Can you give us one do and don't for those aspiring to be writers?

Please keep writing despite what some publisher say and please don't ever stop writing it can open up the minds of the masses. Your one thought on paper can inspire people and your one book can inspire the world.

What one thing about writing do you wish other non-writers would understand?

I would like non-writers to understand that "In the world of writing there are NO BOUNDARIES, just a place where the pen and pad meets imagination, visualization, and creativity.

What was the best advice you'd ever gotten about the publishing industry? The worst?

The best advice I have received about the publishing industry is it's a publishing industry. It's not your judge and jury. Some are wrong for not publishing your vision, because they can't see past theirs. The worst advice that was given to me about the publishing industry was it's easy to subdue and make your financial mark quickly.

What is something readers would be surprised you do?

My readers would be surprised that I write screenplays, short stories, poems, that I am a high school educator, a father of six, and a husband.

Our theme this month is Men in fiction. What male writer are you reading?

"King Leopold's Ghost" by Adam Hochschild (1998)

Oprah always asks, What do you know for sure?

I know for sure that one day the world of readers will acknowledge me as one of the best fiction writers of the 21st century.

Can you give us a sneek peek of you next book?

Yes. It titled: "Blood Plantation"...well written, shocking, heartwreching, plot driven, and spellbinding.

*It's the sins of slavery*

*A real horror of the middle passage*

*Southern reality and history never forgotten*

*A nightmare for vacationing lovers*

*Fiction at it's best*

*A spirit of unforgiveable anger*

*A bloodline that can never be erased*

*A Culture of true power*


Short: Around 1852, near the Shores of Shonwaay, Virginian which the slaves then and the Shonwaayians now call: “The Shores of the Evil Soul,” where the SOTO(The Soul of the Ocean) reign of terror began.


As the other slaves bedded down for the night, they began to chant. It was the prayer of resurrection. This prayer would bring back a lost spirit to return the same hate and evil to everyone and their bloodline who subjected hate and evil to the flesh of the spirit, EVERY FIFTY YEARS.

It is now July 15, 2002 which makes another fifty years of the, “Awakening of the SOTO," at the new Bed and Breakfast.

How can the readers get in contact with you?

They can contact me by





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