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Fear, Faith and Patience Blog Tour With Felecia S. Killings

We often wonder what it is like to be a teacher in today’s time. With so much happening in the public schools, it seems any wonder how it is able to function given all the atrocities that go on in the system. But this is the story about a young, beautiful teacher named Felecia Killings. As a child, she dreamt of the opportunity to be what many call one of the most admirable professions in society: an educator. And when her father witnessed this aspiration in her, he did everything in his power to protect it and to ensure that she fulfilled her mission. Yet, like so many countless individuals who enter the public school system, Ms. Killings was met with tragedies and struggles. But through it all, she allowed her faith to keep her strong, even in the midst of hell.

This book is one to be commended, for it takes what we think we know about the public school system and brings to light another side that is never talked about. Through this text, you will learn about the power of unconditional love and personal sacrifice. For every teacher who chooses to stand up for what’s right, even when everyone is against you, this book will minister to you in ways that even you could not imagine. You WILL be inspired.

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Felecia S. Killings is a quintessential educator and promoter of change, transformation, and innovation within the educational field. Her years of dedicated service to education, and ascribing to the motto that “Learning is a Lifestyle,” has resulted in extensive years of training and preparation in the educational spectrum. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of California, Davis in 2005 with double majors in English and African and African American Studies. She also obtained her Master’s Degree from UC Davis’s School of Education in 2007. She has received preliminary Doctoral of Education course work at Argosy University from 2008-2010; and will complete her Doctorate of Philosophy in Education with emphasis in Organizational Leadership at Northcentral University in Arizona. Felecia has provided her community with five years of service as a public-school English instructor. She has also created educational programs that help minority youth reach their full potential through excellence in education, job training, and college and career preparations. Felecia is also an author and publisher, and founder and CEO of Power, Faith, and Love Ministries, which oversees seven organizations. Commitment, dedication to service, and a desire to help others become successful and prosperous are her driving force. Furthermore, her unconditional love for the things of God, and expanding His Kingdom in the earth serve as the foundation for the ministry that God has placed in her spirit.

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What inspired you to write your first book?

My desire is to ignite a fire within God’s people to become active in earthly affairs inspired me to write this book. I’m not the type of person who can idly sit back and let injustices go on without speaking up, because I realize that my silence, and that of others, gives license to ungodly, destructive behavior. I have learned over the last few years that my words, when enveloped in God’s anointing, have the power to bring forth the change that is necessary in public schools. Thus, publishing a book that accomplishes this very task is my driving force.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

The message that I want readers to grasp is that we all have an obligation to get active in earthly affairs for the sake of the next generation. If we remain silent about issues that plague our schools—issues such as racism, sexism, discrimination, and sexual abuse (especially from students to teachers)—then we cannot expect any change for our youths.

Do you have any advice for other writers?

My advice for other writers is to simply share whatever God places on your heart, and trust that the words He gives you is exactly what the people need to hear in order to bring them out of a terrible situation.

What marketing techniques have you used to sell your books and which ones have been most successful?

As a novice publisher, I knew that in order to get my book out there, I would need the help and expertise of one who has gone before me. My mother, Paulette Harper-Johnson, was just the person because she had already established herself as a prominent Christian author. After discussing with her my vision of this book ministry, she gracefully accepted the role as my publicist and marketing supervisor. I cannot emphasize enough how much of a help and support she has been to me; and I would highly recommend her services to anyone, especially new authors.

Why should we buy your book?

Purchasing this book is especially important for parents and families that have an investment in the public school system. Anyone who sends their children to these schools needs to understand what is going on in it, and to learn that they have rights that entitle them and their children to receive better and equal education. This book is also important for educators who feel trapped in a system that commits serious offenses against them. It is an eye-opening text, one that many will find difficult to believe because it is so atrocious. In spite of what goes on there, the book (and the subsequent books to follow) provides hope and encouragement for all those who are facing tough challenges.

Is there a special place that you prefer when you write?

For me, I love writing in the comfort of my home.

What projects are you currently working on?

This book is one of a three-part series; so I am currently finishing the other two books that will provide a conclusion to the stories presented in the first book. In addition to working on my book ministry, I am in the process of licensing my first non-profit organization that works with adolescent females who are caught up in prostitution within the Bay Area, including Fairfield, CA.

Readers wishing to purchase this book can find it on and other online book stores. They can also visit my website at to receive a copy.

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Nothing But Books said...

Thank you so much LaShaunda for featuring Felecia today on her blog tour.

Many blessings

Felecia S. Killings said...

Thank you for featuring me today! God bless.

Sidne said...

I want to read this one. so I'm going to add it to my TBR list.

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