Tuesday, March 20, 2012

GUEST BLOGGER: 7 Ways To Attract an Audience to Your Facebook Page by Tyora Moody

With over 800 million users, Facebook is the largest social network. Creating a page on Facebook is a MUST on the to-do list for business owners. To get started, you will need a personal Facebook profile which is required to create a business page. If you already have one, you can created a business page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/.

1. Create a vanity URL. You can create a username for your page. Usernames help you promote your page with a shorter URL. For example for my business, Tywebbin Creations, I used tywebbin as my username which allows me to use http://www.facebook.com/tywebbin for my URL.

2. Completely Fill-Out The Information - The Facebook Page form is really simple compared to other business directories, so be sure fill out information for About, Description and Website. Also, don’t forget to add contact information.People will look for it.

3. Promote Your Page - If you have built a pretty solid friends list via your personal profile you can invite them to “like” your page. The second option would be to tell your existing contacts (via yahoo.com, gmail.com, etc) you’ve created a page. Another way to get more people to your page is to add a “Like” box to your website.

4. Post Regularly. Try to post on a regular schedule. A status update really shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to write, so plan a set time during the day to post to your timeline.

5. Keep the Conversation Going. Don’t use your page as ONLY an outlet of information and promotions. Instead, use your page to start conversations and allow fans to post comments and feedback. Be sure to respond quickly and regularly. Fans will enjoy visiting your page more when you are engaged.

6. Change up Your Posts. People will see your content through their news feeds. To capture their attention, don’t always use text. Use a variety of media like images and videos.

7. Make it Fun.Facebook pages recently changed over to the timeline interface allowing for a cover photo. Be creative with your avatar and cover photo. Let your fans get to know your personality. Don’t be afraid to make a joke or express your opinion, as long as you do it tactfully. Remember this is a public platform. Every once in a while, host a contest or giveaway that’s exclusive to your Facebook fans. Reward them for “liking” your Facebook page.


Tyora Moody is an author and entrepreneur. She owns and operates TywebbinCreations.com, a design and marketing company. For over twelve years, she has worked with authors, small business owners and non-profit organizations to develop their online presence. For free tips, how-to guides and ecourses, visit DIYwithTy.com.

Tyora is the author of the novels When Rain Falls and When Memories Fade (March 2013).

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