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Sean Russell is Jamaican born, grew up in Barbados. A family physician in private practice for twenty years, married with three children. Wrote and produced the film ‘The Kite Flyer’ which copped the Festival Pick in the 2007 Bridgetown Film Festival and remains popular among viewers to this day. "Guilty! The Trials of Phil Ferguson" is his first novel and currently working on his soon to be released second novel "Revenge! The Return of Jimmy Cadogan"(the sequel to Guilty!). He is also an amateur motor racing enthusiast, racing at the local Bushy Park circuit in Barbados.

Guilty –The Trials of Phil Ferguson is a story set in Barbados about a young attorney, Phil Ferguson who is set up by a rival older lawyer Jimmy Cadogan, for the attempted murder of Phil’s wife. It is fast paced, thrilling and sexy. Phil finds himself in a never ending battle against circumstances which continue to emerge as he seeks to prove his innocence and avoid going to jail, ending his illustrious legal career. Intertwined in Phil’s drama is that of Amanda who is a New York based top model originally from Guyana but who grew up in Barbados after fleeing her homeland. Amanda is gorgeous smart, ambitious and an obvious chink in Phil’s armour.

Phil’s involvement with Amanda causes him more grief than pleasure as news of his infidelity makes its way to Jade his wife. Phil is led to believe that his wife has had an affair with the man he despises most in life Jimmy Cadogan.

Jimmy Cadogan is a hateful person ,an older successful attorney lacking in morals but rich in money and ambition, His mission is to destroy Phil Ferguson and gain financially in the process.

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