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FEATURED AUTHOR: Charmaine Galloway

Charmaine was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio. Writing has been her passion and a positive emotional outlet since middle school. As a teen, writing in her journal allowed her to escape the negativity of her world. Around that time she also began writing her first fiction novel. She finds joy in creating unique and awe inspiring story-lines for the characters in her stories. Ingenuity and imagination is a mainstay and compass in her work.

Charmaine has a Bachelor of Arts in Family Life Education and an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. Becoming a fierce advocate and supporter of troubled young women has been a goal of hers since overcoming struggles of her own as a young woman. “I believe turning a blind eye or deaf ear to our struggling youth only promotes destruction and demise. They are human. They have a voice. You’ll be surprised by what you learn from them if you just listen.”

Charmaine, being the wearer of many proverbial ‘hats’, is an independent self-publisher and the founder of Charming Gal Publications. She is the CEO and jewelry designer for Forever Divas Fashionable Jewelry, her online jewelry boutique and a Pre-Kindergarten Teacher. However, the most important ‘hat’ she wears is that of Mom to her two children. Following her dreams as a writer and authoress will leave a beautiful legacy for them and encourage them to work hard to achieve their dreams because their Mom didn't quit reaching for hers.

My World, Through My Eyes is a heartfelt collection of poems, reflections, and prayers that represent the trials and triumphs of the poet’s past.

As a teen, Charmaine found joy in writing in her journal. It was therapeutic as it allowed her to escape the negativity of her world. She wrote all of her thoughts, feelings, and emotions on paper. Having a positive outlet for this emotion and creativity encouraged her to see that there is positive light within the hardships she has endured.

Charmaine believes that her purpose is to share her testimony of Faith. In this book, she shares one of the most valuable and essential lessons she has learned on her journey. Learning to Let Go and Let God intervene in her life and heal her from her sinful past has been the most changing, validating, and peace yielding decision she has made.

Come and witness Charmaine’s poetic reflection of life which has molded her into the strong, devoted mother and Christian she is today.

Meet Tyra, Alisha, and Brittany. These young women have been good friends since high school. Like most close friends, they have shared secrets and had ups and downs. They’ve also managed to maintain and solidify healthy, trusting friendships with each other through the year. Or so it seemed. More recently, there has been a change in atmosphere amongst them. Betrayal? Dishonesty? Their friendship is about to be put to the test with the secrets they hold.

Tyra Bell is a single mother who has seen hardships and trials. She’s led a tumultuously torrid lifestyle before the birth of her son. Good decisions and sound judgment were not within her character before he was born. Since becoming a mom, Tyra made the decision to become a devout Christian. She realizes that her son deserves a family and is preparing herself and waiting on God to send her life-mate. While adjusting to her walk as a Christian, Tyra’s faith is shaken to its core when she receives a phone call. Her party past and bad decisions could cost her the most valuable things she has. Her son.

Brittany Parker is the epitome of a “kept” woman. This self-centered house wife of a successful medical doctor lives her life under the premise that life (hers at least) is too perfect to have a care in the world. But major marital problems arise when her husband becomes a workaholic. How else can he afford this woman and her lavish lifestyle? He always was big on the idea of work hard, play hard. Brittany must’ve been too busy spending his money to notice.

Alisha Wright is a dedicated mother of two. Dedicated to raising her family, she unselfishly sacrifices her own joys and desires to efficiently meet her responsibilities as a mom. Alisha’s children are not the only people who enjoy the fruit of her toil and selflessness. She would go to any measure to stay in a relationship with her son’s father and he knows it. Will his manipulation and deception lead her to abandon her priorities? Alisha needs her friends for support but insists on baring this heartache on her own.

As the lives of these friends unfold they each have opportunities to reflect. It is then that secrets and truths are revealed. Will the secrets ruin their lifelong friendships? When the time comes, these three women will be faced with difficult choices and as a result their lives will never be the same.

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