Monday, November 16, 2015

Book Of The Day - Calling Her Bluff by Kaia Danielle

He wasn’t the score she was looking for...

Romance author Kamaria Wilson came to Las Vegas with nothing to lose. A one-night stand with a delicious man is just the distraction she needs…until one night with him doesn’t feel like enough. Panicked, she skips out on the morning-after encore and hides out at the poker tables.

After his hot one-night stand goes MIA, security specialist Jack Aldirisi is sure he’ll never see her again. But when he’s called in to the casino for an unexpected “special assignment,” Lady Luck smiles down on Jack. For the rest of the weekend, he’ll be by his missing woman’s side. 

She insists their powerful connection is nothing more than sex. He begs to difer. And this time, he’s calling her bluff.

Chapter excerpt:

Out of the corner of her eye, Kamaria watched his jaw tighten. His deliciously broad shoulders got even broader. Then he leaned down and brushed her locks to the side. His lips mere inches from her neck. His breath tickled that spot on her skin, making her throb in all the right places. Was elevator sex legal in Nevada? “I distinctly remember you mumbling something about ‘best orgasm ever.’” He breathed the words against her neck. She closed her eyes. Do not shiver. Do not shiver.

She turned her head. Now their lips were almost touching. “And wiping a tear from your eye,” he continued. He swiped away an imaginary tear and then smirked.

God, he was entirely too gorgeous when he smirked like that. His dimples cut into his cheeks like deep lickable crevices. He was total hero material. Maybe she could convince him to pose for her next book cover. All big and bold and chivalrous. Everything she wanted her own fantasy man to be.
No, she had to resist his spell. For heaven’s sake, she wrote romantic fiction, she wasn’t supposed to be living it. She crossed her arms. “I had something in my eye.”

“In addition to that best orgasm ever, I helped you out in a tough situation downstairs. You could start with ‘thank you.’ Or, how about, ‘I’m sorry for banging your brains out and then leaving’? Had I known you had any kind of gambling problem, I would have never…” He paused and gently brushed her arm. She stiffened. Just as she suspected. A guy like him would never want to get mixed up with someone as mess up as her.

“…I would have never let you out of my arms. I woke up wanting to cook you breakfast. Make you scream my name. Again.”

Her breath hitched. Why couldn’t she come up with dialogue like that? This man wasn’t just nice. He was perfect.

“So what do you say to a do-over, Kamaria?”

She shoved her hands into the pockets of her hoodie, determined to ignore his all too tempting offer. She liked the way he said her name. Said it correctly, too. She tried to force back a smile. He was making it harder and harder for her to think of him as just a fling. “Call me Mari. Everyone says it’s easier.”

Jack shrugged and moved his hand to the wall beside her head. “If I liked easy, I wouldn’t be here…”

Meet The Author:

Kaia Danielle writes contemporary romance, historical romance, women’s fiction and a graphic novel that is resisting the revision process. Her short stories have appeared in several national magazines and an anthology. She is an alumnae of the VONA writing workshop. Originally from New Jersey, she now calls coastal Georgia home. You can find her tweeting about being a Jersey Girl in South Georgia, her foodie adventures and popular culture in general on her @kaiawrites handle. 

Her website is 

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