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Yahrah St. John is the author of thirty books. When she’s not at home crafting one of her spicy romances with compelling heroes and feisty heroines with a dash of family drama, she is gourmet cooking or traveling the globe seeking out her next adventure. St. John is a member of Romanceu Writers of America. Visit for more info:

How can readers get in contact with you?


At The Ceo’s Pleasure Ayden Stewart is a cunningly astute businessman in Austin, but he doesn’t believe in love. He saw love’s harmful effects with his father’s abandonment and his stepfather’s abuse. Ayden is focused on being the best and proving to his father that he bet on the wrong son. Maya Richardson is the best friend and assistant Ayden has ever had. He always had her respect and loyalty until they spent one night together years ago. Afterward, he was ready for business as usual, but Maya couldn’t go backward and left town. When his assistant position becomes available again, Ayden knows only Maya can fill it. He convinces Maya to come back, but isn’t prepared for the attraction between them to reignite. And when a sports injury puts him and Maya in close quarters, their explosive chemistry can’t be denied. Maya, however, wants more than a roll in the hay. She wants her fairy tale ending, but Ayden isn’t willing to offer more because he doesn’t believe in love. Can Maya help Ayden make peace with the past and let love in?

What inspired your book?

I came up with At the Ceo’s Pleasure when I was thinking about the old school Dynasty with Blake Carrington, Crystal and of course Alexis. And no, not that silly reboot they have on the CW. In my mind, I wanted to create this wealthy family with these larger than life characters who were all circling around the father in this case Henry Stewart. Much like Dynasty, I created the Stewart Heir’s trilogy that will feature three siblings, Ayden, Dane and Fallon (and yes, I riffed the name).

What would you like readers to take away from your book?

All of my books, At the Ceo’s Pleasure included, have a high level of romance, sensuality and a heavy dose of family drama.

Which character did you have the most fun writing about?

I really loved writing about the hero Ayden Stewart oldest son of Henry Stewart and the Black Sheep of the family. He was abandoned by his father once he re-married, so he’s got beef with him. I could answer it because sometimes I had a similar abandonment issue, so I could relate.

What advice would you offer to someone whose book is about to be released?

A first book release is very difficult. You’ve worked so hard and long at a project that you think instantly it’s going to be a NY Times best seller. I’d advise them to have realistic expectations. There can be longevity in this industry, I’ve been at it for fifteen years from a part-time basis.
Promote. Promote. Promote. Depending on if you’re self-pub or traditional published, determine your budget and research the best ways you can promote that will fit your lifestyle. Not every social media platform is right for everyone. If you excel at a couple, follow that path, but do it well.

 What does literary success look like to you?

I used to think it was when I could quit my day job and write full-time. That’s still a dream of mine, but I’m a bit more realistic now. My new goal: continued high sales that helps me earn royalties consistently every month and eventually hitting a best seller list. Which of course, would allow me to write full time.

What has surprised you most about being a published author?

The best part of being an author are my readers. They look up to me, not just as a mentor which is humbling, but they also see me as a celebrity which is a total ego stroke. They can be very loyal, attending conferences or coming to book signings to meet you. I have one reader who was the first person to ever write me and she has followed me for fifteen years. Thank you, Louise Brown

What are three things you wish you’d known before you reached where you are now?

I wish I’d understood the publishing industry better and the roles of editor, agent and publishers. I wish I’d known that it was up to the author to market/promote their own book. I was clueless when I was first published in 2004. I wish I would have tried self-publishing a bit earlier. It took about a year and half to really catch on and I enjoyed some good years, but have seen a decline. I’m thankful that I’m a hybrid author and have retained my traditional publishing which suits my lifestyle as a part-time author with a full-time job while occasionally self-publishing.

What do you do to interact with your readers?

I’m only good on about two social media platforms since I work full-time: Facebook and Twitter, so I work those angles. I’m also very good at responding to emails and anyone who writes me typically will have a response within twenty-four hours. My mailing list is also important, I send out a newsletter ever so often, depending on my release dates. Readers can sign up for my newsletter on my website:

What are your three favorite social media platforms and how are you using them for promotion?

Instagram and LinkedIn – I’m very sporadic

What are you reading now?

Becoming – Michelle Obama
Robin Roberts – Everybody’s Got Something – this book is research for a current book I’m working on about bone marrow donation.

When you're not writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Reading. Cooking. Going to Broadway shows. Dining out. But most of all, traveling. Next up for me is a cruise to Cuba in April 2019. I’m also considering Dubai. A fellow author Farrah Rochon went last year and now it’s on my hit list.

Oprah always asks, what do you know for sure?

I know for sure that I love husband and my family and that writing will always be a part of my life in some shape or form.

Can you give us a sneak peek of your next book?
His Marriage Demand is the second book in The Stewart Heirs series with my new line Harlequin Desire. Fallon Stewart is in need of a bail out for her family’s company Stewart Technologies. Former housekeeper’s son Gage Campbell has become a wealthy financier despite Fallon’s past lies which caused his mother to lose her job with the Stewart’s. Gage demands marriage in exchange for his help, but has a secret agenda. I love that both Fallon and Gage are flawed. Hope you cheer them on as I did as they let go of the past to find happiness.

Anything you'd like to say to the readers of SORMAG?

Thank you for supporting me for the last fifteen years. You’re the best!

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