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All work and no play may make Jill a dull girl, but it helped Emma Rose soar professionally. It left no time for a romantic life, but that was a tradeoff she was willing to make. So, when Emma comes back home for a work opportunity, she decides to keep that same philosophy.

That’s all good and well until she meets Roman Thorne. Try as she might to resist him, they end up starting a secret fling. Things get complicated when they find out they’re from rival families.

Do they continue the illicit affair or break it off? Can they really go from enemies to lovers? What happens if they start to develop real feelings? Or if their families find out? Her mother is already hypercritical of every decision she makes. Not to mention another man comes into the picture to vie for her affection.

Emma will have to do everything she can to keep this relationship from being a thorn in her side.

Remy Powers is a writer of African American romance. Remy loves reading the works of fellow Black writers, especially those who write African American romance. When not reading, Remy is generally working on the next book or maybe cuddling up with a glass of wine and a good movie.

Twitter and Instagram: @remypowersbooks. Or sign up for mailing list at https://mailchi.mp/d12c200c45d2/rosethorne

What would you like readers to take away from your book?

I would like readers to realize that love can come from anywhere when you least expect it, and it will enhance your life, not take away from it.

Which character did you have the most fun writing about?

Nita. She’s fun-loving and takes no crap from anyone. Plus, she’s fiercely loyal and provides the comic relief. And you might be seeing a lot more of her. Or rather reading.

What do you think the future of AA romances will be?

I think the genre is only growing and growing. It will be where paranormal romance is, where everyone can’t get enough.

What advice would you offer to someone whose book is about to be released?

Just relax. There’s an audience for your book. Don’t fret about numbers. Write the next book.

What three literary events would you recommend a writer in your genre attend?

The RWA Conference is probably the standard. Book Lovers Con. And it’s not strictly literary, but Essence Fest.

What literary event can we find you this year?

There aren’t any on my calendar at the moment, but maybe you’ll see me at some in 2020.

Who was the first author you ever met?

This sounds bad, but I don’t remember. I met a lot of authors in college.

What’s the most interesting change in your life as a result of being a published author?

I’ve become more committed than ever to the business of publishing. I’ve also become more confident as a writer. There’s just something awesome about being a published author.

What has surprised you most about being a published author?

People actually want to read my book.

What about writing do you wish non writers would understand?

The words don’t magically appear on the page. It takes time and effort. Each sentence is carefully crafted to provide the best reading experience.

Can you give us one do and one don't for those aspiring to be an author?

Do keep writing. Don’t beat yourself up if you miss a day or two.

What advice would you offer for someone who is having a hard time finishing the book?

Take it one word at a time. Take a break if necessary, work on something else. Also, try acting out the scenes. It may help you to put them into words.

When you're not writing, what do you like to do in your spare time?

Read and watch TV. Occasionally go out. I’m boring.

Oprah always asks, what do you know for sure?

Writers write. It’s the only truth they know.

Any last words for our readers?

You really are the backbone of this industry. You keep us writing.

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