Saturday, August 31, 2019

Tips For Finishing The Book

Finishing a book is my biggest issue when it comes to writing.  I knew when I chose this topic I would need help to offering you advice, because I’m still having this issue.  I found five articles to help us finish these books in 2019.  Each article offers different advice.  My advice to you is to find the tips that work for you and use them to complete your manuscripts.

As my mother use to tell me.  “They can’t read your books if you don’t finish them.”

6 Tips to Help You Finish Your Book

How to Finish Writing a Book: 8 Actionable Steps to Finish Your First Draft

The Top 10 Tips For Plotting And Finishing A Book

How to finish your novel this year: 10 tips

Tips to Stay Inspired to Finish Your Book

Did you find some tips to inspire you to move forward with your manuscript?  

Get to writing, somebody is waiting on your book.

LaShaunda C. Hoffman - Editor/Publisher Of SORMAG Digital.

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