Thursday, December 17, 2020

Book Of The Day - Your Adam Is Asleep Until God Opens His Eyes by Dr. Velma Bagby


Your Adam Is Asleep Until God Opens His Eyes is a non-fiction guide for the Christian single woman (seasoned, divorced or millennial), who seeks a love which leads to marriage. It captures Dr. Velma, a mother, as she answers her daughters’ most pressing questions about men and marriage, as well as the preparation necessary to receive both in life.

In the book, women will discover how to create a husband-to-be list void of conditions, practice intentional dating vs random hook ups, intentional dating tips to weed out counterfeits, the 5 guy types to avoid, the 3 roles women are not called to assume in a relationship, tips to date safely using what Dr. Velma calls the parade around principle, the importance of releasing past mistakes/hurts (baggage) - fixing a broken past, and the preparation essential for every woman so she can present her best to Mr. Right, and more.

As the book’s foundation, Dr. Velma uses the first married couple in the book of Genesis, her own 46 years of successful marriage, and 20 years of counseling singles and married couples. Dr. Velma hopes the reader will walk away with - a renewed hope that a love which leads to marriage is possible, feeling affirmed as a woman, embracing her value as his prize and with a clear vision in terms of how to move forward towards her marriage goal.  

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