Monday, August 16, 2021

Book Pick Of The Week - August 16, 2021



Love Slipped In

by W. Parks Brigham


Melvin Fowler and Senitra Winn attended the same high school. With Senitra being a couple of years older, they ran in two different cliques. That didn’t stop Melvin from making a nuisance of himself, especially with the older girls. He was one of those jocks that thought he was all of that…


Ten years later they meet at Allanville’s Diamond Lounge and had a wonderful evening. Along the way they formed a strong friendship that resulted in them becoming best friends. Then she did a dumb and stupid thing, like develop feelings for fine azz Melvin Fowler. Uh-uhn, chestnut caramel skin tone, bearded face that she knew was soft to the touch, sexy dark whiskey-colored hooded eyes, pug nose, even that was cute, and inviting kissable lips. So, can you blame her? Anywhoo, they crossed the line and what do you think happened next? He did a disappearing act putting her deep in her feelings. Mmm-uhm, it’s cool, she thought until she found out about that little receipt!




The Billionaire's Proposal by Natalie Dunbar

What happens when the Cinderella of the finance world meets Prince Charming? Billionaire, Carson MacDonald offers finance wiz Aubrey Merrill a partnership to run a company he's purchased. When the partnership turns steamy, and the prince tarnishes his crown, can they find a way to forever?





The Underside of Hope

by Yvonne (Bonni) Hooks

After months of charming attention from Carl Henderson, Ruby Ellis surrenders to her heart and accepts his marriage proposal. Love has not been fair to Ruby after a failed marriage. But she is willing to embrace this illusive emotion one more time. With renewed hope, she is ready to take the vow till death do us part.

Isn’t it funny how life can progress along smoothly and the future look so bright? Then in a fleeting moment, things can tumble out of control and nothing may ever be the same again. So it was when Ruby was involved in a horrific incident with life changing implications. Carl’s faith would be tested beyond what he believed he could bear. He prayed for a miracle and received it. But sometimes the answer we get doesn’t fully address the problem we have.

Does Carl have a right to ask for a second miracle, restoration? While holding on to the slim cord of hope, can Carl envision there will ever be another season on the horizon?

The Underside of Hope centers around an unplanned journey that will test Carl and Ruby’s trust, faith and destiny. For through it all, they learn the lessons of unconditional love.




Finding Joy In The Journey Volume 2

by Various Authors

Have you Ever found it hard to find Joy Amid life’s trials and adversities? Well, you are not alone! Ninety phenomenal coauthors give real talk about love and healing in “Finding Joy in the Journey VOL 2”. Providing Tips and Tools for Healthy Ways to NAVIGATE THROUGH ANY DIFFICULT SITUATION

In her 12th Anthology, Finding Joy in the Journey Vol 2., Vernessa Blackwell brings together 90 authors from around the world who share their personal stories. Through these stories each author demonstrates that while education, money and professional achievement can certainly play a role, true JOY goes deeper than material possessions and accomplishments. Every journey is unique-no two people’s journeys will be exactly alike, but we can learn from each other. Get ready to laugh and cry, sometimes all on the same page!

After reading this book you will walk away feeling inspired to find joy in your journey and power through obstacles you may encounter along the way.



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