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Book Picks Of The Week - May 1, 2022

Count It All Joy: Shift Your Focus 

by Genisha Morton

Joy is a choice! It’s not based on what’s happening to or around you. Come on my journey with me as I show you how I decided to choose joy over happiness. I realize sometimes I may have to choose it more than once in the same day. I’ve also learned that the more I do it, the easier it is and there you have it! The Joy of the Lord has become my strength and I’m able to handle the next thing in joy!

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by Karen Kay

Her Beauty Takes His Breath Away… Only She Can Restore It

Eagle Heart of the Blackfoot Nation has not come to the trading post, Fort Union, to trade, but to find his missing brother. The medicine man has never seen a white woman, but, when she walks into the room, her beauty literally steals his breath. 

Laylah McIntosh has assets besides beauty that make her valuable to her father, the fort's trader: her skill with numbers, her photographic memory and her knowledge of the sign language used by all the tribes. But, when she’s injured and caught in a fierce blizzard, it is Eagle Heart, alone, who rescues her.

Forced into each other's company, their attraction deepens. But a union between them is forbidden in both their worlds.

Can their love find a way to survive? Or will their differences separate them forever?

Warning: Sensuous romance and a love written in the stars could cause a gal to go West in search of love and adventure.

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Country Cool, City Chic, Continental Class 
by Ann Jeffries

She’s a Little Bit Country and a lot of Rock-n-roll
Fiona Lizette Lowry, an architect and engineer, is caught between the comfort zone of her past and the promises of an exciting future. The two men in her life are as different as night and day. Yet, they both send sensual sparks shooting through her body’s system. Could there be another who encapsulates the best of both men?

He’s Country Cool
Congressman Aidan Prescott McKenna has been in Fiona’s life since they were toddlers in their farming community of Bay County on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. He is country cool and Fiona’s first lover beginning in high school. They are still lovers and best friends, though she is now an established professional and he has aspirations for higher political office.

He’s City Chic
Musical genius and icon Maxwell Bishop Kennard, III, Trey to his friends, is a city-chic New Yorker, the son of Fiona’s father’s good friend. She’s agreed to design and build a home and studio for him on pristine acreage on the Chesapeake Bay shores. In order to learn more about his creative needs, she agrees to accompany him for three to four months on his musical tour of Europe and Asia to places she has only dreamed about.

He’s Continental Class
Doctor Noah Mikasi is a medical doctor and former covert agent, but Fiona Lizette Lowry is not his patient or his charge to protect. Yet, something about her piques his interest. When they are tasked to work together on a multibillion-dollar project for an NGO, The BlackHawk Foundation, Noah has to employ all of his worldly wiles to keep his distance from the intriguing woman. If he fails it could put Fiona’s life in danger.

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With Every Moment by Natasha D. Frazier

Five years of Mike’s life–gone–but could Danielle be the key to salvage everything he lost?

Life was going Mike Stewart’s way. He spearheaded the construction of McCall Resorts Houston, TX location and was all set to celebrate until his mother shared a secret that shattered his heart. All he wanted to do was forget–and he did. A car accident robbed him of memories from the last five years of his life, and the last thing he remembers is his engagement to Danielle Adams.

Five years ago, Danielle turned down Mike’s proposal–a decision she later regretted. Before the McCall Resort ribbon-cutting ceremony begins, she comes face-to-face with the man who’s held her heart hostage all those years. When Mike loses his memory, his parents offer her a chance to change her no into a yes.

But when Mike learns the truth, will he see Danielle’s decision as an act of love or selfishness?

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