Monday, May 06, 2024

Book Of The Day - The Adventures of Good Eagle and Miss Starling (The Untamed Frontier Series Book 1) by Genny Cothern

Montana, 1847

When my life is turned upside down, I have no one to turn to except Uncle Jed, a fur-trader who lives deep in Indian Country; a man I have never met. I was expecting to be greeted by my Uncle Jed at a place called Fort Union, a fur-trading fort some two thousand miles above St. Louis. But, when I finally arrive at the fort, I am met, instead, by an eighteen-year-old Indian, Good Eagle, who swears my uncle has sent him to meet me. Would you trust this boy, a youth only two years older than my sixteen years? I certainly didn't and I told him so. However, although I was polite, he took offense.

As the steamboat continues its way to my uncle's fur-trading post, Fort Lewis, the Indian boy, Good Eagle, has declared that my heart has panther's claws around it. Yet, though he seems to dislike me as much as I do him, because of the promise he gave to my uncle, he has no option but to guard me.

But, when my life is threatened and Good Eagle saves me, I experience a change of heart about this young man; I decide I will "bury the hatchet" and become friends with him. Imagine my surprise when he refuses my offer of friendship.

Can I ever change Good Eagle's mind about becoming my friend? Or will his first impression of me remain to forever haunt us?

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