Wednesday, October 26, 2005


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PANEL - POD vs Self Pub

WORKSHOP - Self Pub Part One


WORKSHOP - Self Pub Part Two

PANEL - Non- Fiction Writing

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Dr Bob Rich said...

Self-publishing used to be a form of leprosy. Thanks to modern technology, it need no longer be so. The only thing is, because almost anyone can do it,some do it wrong.
If you self-publish, you should make sure that
* The cover and back cover are of professional quality. A shoddy or amateurish cover means no-one will even look at it.
* Print and binding quality should be as good as any other book. This means you need to research, and pick your printer with care. Most self-publishers go for 'print on demand'. Although this is more expensive per copy than offset, you don't have to spend thousands up front, you don't end up with a garage full of books, and there is no deteroration of books in storage.
* Most important, the words within the book must be just right. YOU MUST EDIT until the product is of professional quality. This means you MUST hire an editor. No matter how good you are, you can't pick up all your own mistakes, whether we are talking about typos, punctuation or deeper elements like characterization. And asking your friends and relations doesn't do the job. You need professional feedback, not pats of the back.
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Tempie said...

Good Morning...any member of the panel may answer...

My interest is in eventually reaching every reader as an audience (black, white, blue,you name This includes marketing internationally as well as locally. What are your thoughts in reference for an example a traditional mainstream publisher who is already established and POD verses self publishing?

Could you touch base on the out of pocket cost that would be involved in the PR and marketing of the publication as well as the author?

Do you feel either route would have advantages or disadvantages in respect to an overall timeframe in reaching a wider reader market?

Thanks Tempie
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