Tuesday, February 21, 2006

FEATURED AUTHOR - Phyllis Bourne Williams

Shades Of Romance Magazine: Please give the readers a brief bio on you the person and the writer.

Phyllis Bourne Williams:
Basically, I’m a storyholic. I love writing, reading or listening to a good story. There’s always a book in my purse and an audiobook in the car’s CD player.

I started my writing career as a reporter for newspapers in Ft. Wayne, Indiana and Palm Beach County, Florida. After writing about cops and crime all day, I couldn’t wait to escape into the pages of a romance novel.

In addition to books, I’m also hooked on knitting. I live in Nashville, TN with my husband.

SORMAG: Tell us about your current book?

In A Moment on the Lips, Wall Street wizard Melody Mason hides from her fast-paced career in rural Tennessee. Her former classmate Grant Price wants Melody to work for his family's Boston investment firm. As Grant attempts to lure her away, they both reevaluate their views on life--not to mention love.

At heart, it’s a book about what happens when people stop trying to live up to other’s expectations and find the courage to lead the lives they want for themselves.

SORMAG: What would you like your readers to take away from your book?

My favorite romance authors make me hold their books to my chest and simply sigh. I hope I my book will make readers feel the same way.

SORMAG: What do you do to make time for yourself?

Knit! There’s something about the rhythmic click of knitting needles that’s so soothing and relaxing. I can actually feel the days’ stress melt away as I work a row of stitches.

Knitting also helps me with writing. When I start a new project, I make the first few stitches and think, "I'm never going to be able to turn this yarn into a sweater." The same goes for turning the first words into an entire novel. But soon the stitches begin to take the shape of a sweater and the words slowly transform into a book. All I have to do is take it one stitch and one word at a time

SORMAG: Do you do anything to promote Black History Month?

During February I read a book a day written by an African-American author. I begin stacking up books for the month in November. By February 1, I’m like a little kid on Christmas morning.

SORMAG: How did it feel to hold your first book?

Surreal. I look at my name on the cover and still can’t believe it’s me.

SORMAG: What aspect of writing do you love the best, and which do you hate the most?

I love when the words come faster than I can type. I dislike having to cut scenes that I think are great, but don’t really move the story along.

SORMAG: What’s something you wish you’d known earlier that might have saved you some time/frustration in the publishing business?

I wished I’d trusted myself more and followed my instincts.

SORMAG: What should a new writer know about the publishing business?

Get yourself a copy of, “What’s Next? What Every Author Needs to Know Before, During and After Receiving The Call”. It’s a booklet put out by the New England Chapter of Romance Writers of America and covers the entire process.

SORMAG: How can readers get in contact with you? (mail, email, website)

I can be reached at phyllis@phyllisbournewilliams.com or through my website at www.phyllisbournewilliams.com.


Sylvia Hubbard said...

great interview and loved the excerpt. I'll definitely check out the site!

Gwyneth Bolton said...

Thanks, Phyllis! Great interview! I really appreciate your insight and I am going to have to get a copy of "What's Next? What Every Author Needs to Know . . ."

Gwyneth Bolton

Barbarajoe said...

I enjoyed reading your interview as well as the excerpt. And I also love the title.

Anonymous said...

Hi Phyllis,

I saw your personal ad and the Black History Month ad in the RWA magazine.
Nice going.:-)

I'm a member of RWA and wondered what's the best way to be included in the group ad next year?


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sylvia.

Gwyneth - That booklet helped me a lot.

Barbara - the original title was The Midas Touch. My publisher asked for a title change and gave me overnight to come up with a new one playing on the heroine's sweets obsession. At the time they were thinking of a cover with a hand reaching for slice of cake. I came up with ten, but A Moment on the Lips was my favorite.

Pam - RWA designed my personal ad. I'd heard about the other one and asked to be on it.


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