Wednesday, May 14, 2008

AUTHOR INTRO: Denise Campbell

A Woman’s Wrath
by Denise Campbell

Published By: Q Boro Books

Four powerful woman all unique baring special talents and from different cultures and backgrounds, has one thing in common, they all suffer from the same affliction; physical sexual violence that left them traumatized. Outraged by the injustices that allow pedophiles and rapists to roam the streets, they found their own form of justice in vigilantism. Leaving ruins of their destruction throughout their path to vengeance and retribution, these women take you on a fantastic thrill ride of emotions.

Best Selling Author Denise Campbell has penned several novels. You can find Denise’s works wherever fine books are sold, in popular bookstores across the nation and abroad including and not limited to Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Borders.

Denise's outstanding writing and contributions have been widely acknowledged and earned her recognition as one of the top 100+ most-admired African-American Women in Literature, in Heather Covington's book Literary Divas.

To contact Denise you can send her an email from this site contact her Agent Maxine Thompson of Thompson Literary Agency at or phone her at 323-242-9917 or her Publicist Calvin Grace of CG Media Publications 917-771-7572 or email him at

Denise is currently hard at work on the sequel of A Woman’s Wrath…INFECTED

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