Sunday, May 11, 2008


Friday I made the decision to no longer promote erotica or any literature with explicit graphic content. This wasn't a decision made lightly or because of one person's opinion. Everytime I featured erotica, I received negative feedback. Which made me realize the readership wasn't ready for this genre.

I have nothing against erotica. I'm not passing judgement on it or its writers. I believe there is a genre for everyone and as writers we are free to write whatever we want.

I had to seriously think about what image I wanted to promote on SORMAG. This is a popular genre and to promote it more would mean taking SORMAG to the adult site level. I wasn't ready for that move.

All I ask is that you respect my decision to promote what I want on my site, just as I respect your decision to write what you want.

Editor Note: It has come to my attention that some feel I'm discriminating against lesbians because in the past I featured erotica. Let me make this clear, this issue isn't about lesbians, man on man stories or even street lit. It's about making SORMAG an adult site or not.

Those who know me, know I believe in promoting everyone and I didn't like the idea of not promoting a genre. However I have to preserve the image of SORMAG and if that means not featuring explicit adult content then that's what I have to do.


rhonda mcknight said...


I'm excited about the decision you made for yourself. If we stand for nothing, we will fall for anything. I also didn't see your refusal to promote a certain book as a censorship or bigotry. This entire thing has been blown way out of context.
In any event, I shared some links from your site with other author friends and encouraged them to use your services. My book doesn't come out until 2009, but I certainly look forward to working with you.

Unknown said...

I am very glad you made a decision and it sounds like you plan to stand by it and NOT be bullied. There's more than enough avenues for every audience and author out here in the literary world.

Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Its easy to go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing, that doesn't take much effort at all. But it takes courage to stand out from the crowd and be true to the person you really are. I applaud you for arriving at a decision that honors your beliefs. Your decision will give others the freedom to do the same. Thanks for paving the way!

Michelle Monkou said...


I support you in your past and present endeavors. This is your baby and you dress it anyway you want. You were kind to give an explanation, but frankly that wasn't necessary either.

You answer to your Maker. And no one with a queen bee mentality should bully you.


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