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Tyora Moody Virtual Book Tour For When Rain Falls

LaShaunda, before we jump into this interview I would like to thank you for the awesome job you do each month supporting authors. People may not know, but I met you online in 1999 and I have enjoyed watching you grow SORMAG. We have got to meet in person one of these days. Until we meet in person, thank you for hosting me today on SORMAG. It’s an honor!

EDITOR's Note:  Tyora it is my honor to be able to introduce you to my readers.  I'm so excited to be able to help promote your new book.  You too help support many authors with your graphics and now your book tours.  My dream is to one day have you host my first blog tour.  

Today I want my readers to see that their writing dreams can come true. You are living proof with hard work they too can see their names on a book.  

To our readers:  It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Debut author - Tyora Moody.

Tyora, tell us about When Rain Falls.

Sure, you can check out the book trailer and synopsis below.

OR click here to view the trailer

About the Book

"Why does God keep taking away the people I love?" This is the lamentation of widow CANDACE JOHNSON when her best friend is brutally murdered. Ensnared by a deep-rooted bitterness, seeping her faith day by day, Candace is determined to seek justice.

Detective Darnell Jackson is in need of clues fast. The police captain is coming down hard on him and his partner to find out who murdered Pamela Coleman, the daughter of a high profile judge. Darnell confers with Candace to get the inside track on events leading up to the murder. As the investigation heats up, his growing attraction for Candace plays havoc on Darnell’s judgment.

Little does she know, Candace’s quest to find the truth has led her straight to the killer. She’s already lost loved ones. Now Candace must choose to completely trust God with her own life.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

Writing fiction has been a bit of a surprise over the past few years because for the longest I’ve mainly written nonfiction. When these characters popped into my head, it came at a time in my life when I was seeking new direction. Once I received a small glimpse into the character’s background, I wanted to know more.

Writers have different styles of writing. After writing one novel, one novella and one short story in the past few years, I’ve discovered no matter the word count, I like to outline with some flexibility. As I’m thinking along a timeline or time frame the events start to unfold for me for each scene.

Who are your main character(s)?

When Rain Falls introduces two main characters, Candace Johnson and Detective Darnell Jackson. Both of these individuals have suffered and deal with loss which is a common part of life. Candace has suffered extensive loss of loved ones via violent crimes. The first question that comes to mind is why? Candace struggles with her faith as she questions why she has lost loved ones she has been particularly close to. Darnell is a homicide detective who deals with the consequences of violent crimes on a daily basis. He’s also been struggling with the loss of a relationship. Divorce is often equated to death since individuals lose a significant other and portion of their life. My hope is the book will motivate others to know there is hope beyond the pain they may be currently experiencing.

Did you have a favorite character(s)? Who and why?

LOL! I have asked this question to a number of authors of the years. I can see why it would be hard to choose a favorite. I will say the character I enjoyed writing the most was Detective Jackson. Kind of weird since he’s my male protagonist. It took me awhile to get a feel for Candace. Even though she’s a character, I felt this hesitancy that we all have to hide or mask the pain. She slowly revealed herself to me over a period of time. On the other hand, Darnell’s personality came out swinging from the first time I started to write his scenes.

Did you have to do quite a bit of research for this novel?

Yes, for some of the scenes with Detective Jackson. The novel is set in Charlotte, NC, so I spent a lot of time on the Charlotte Police Department’s website. Each police department is set-up differently, so I wanted to be sure to nail down details. I needed to read up a bit to make sure the forensic process of gathering evidence was accurate. I remember at one point my content editor and I went back and forth about the type of gloves used to gather the evidence. I’m a detail person, so my hope is that the facts support the story.

What do you hope readers will learn/discover from reading When Rain Falls?

In my debut novel, When Rain Falls, I’m introducing readers to the first of three main female characters. When Rain Fall is the first book in the Victory Gospel Series. The series introduces women whose pasts insist on walking beside them like a maddening visitor, unwilling to depart. Through a series of twists and life-altering experiences, these women learn victory over pain truly only comes in developing a deep trust in God. I pray that for any readers who are currently experiencing the same struggle.

Okay, a not-so-fun question. How important are reviews to you as a writer?

This is my debut novel, so I’m looking forward to reviews. I consider them to be important to my growth as a writer. From some of the feedback I have received so far, I’ve been really pleased by the response to Candace and Darnell. I wasn’t planning to bring them back too much in the second book, but that has changed a bit.

What are you working on now?

I’m currently working on the second book in the Victory Gospel Series. The next book in the series, When Memories Fade, will bring back a few of the characters from When Rain Falls. It’s been nice to be reunited with these characters and get to know new ones. My hope is for this novel to be released in 2013.

Where else can readers find you online?

Visitors can find me online at:

About the Author

Tyora "Ty" Moody is an author and entrepreneur. Her debut novel, When Rain Falls, will be released March 2012 (Urban Christian/Kensington). This is the first book in the Victory Gospel series. She is a member of Sisters in Crime and American Christian Fiction Writers. She owns and operates, a design and marketing company. Her company’s niche is assisting authors with branding and developing an online presence.

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Have you ever asked a similar question to what Candace has asked. "Why does God keep taking away the people I love?" What was your why and what were your reasons for asking?

If not, how can you encourage someone who has experienced loss without sounding cliche? Remember loss can come in various forms (death, divorce, broken relationship, unemployment, etc.)

To qualify, please respond with a thoughtful answer.

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Tyora Moody said...

Hey LaShaunda,

Thank you so much for being a blog host today for the When Rain Falls Virtual Book Tour. I appreciate your support and all that you do for the literary community. Blessings!

Ollie said...

I have asked why several times in the past few months about losing my job. i feel that I was wronged in the situation just as anyone would. I would just like a justifiable reason. I think that is why we all ask why.
Thank you,
Ollie Moss

Tyora Moody said...

That's certainly understandable! I pray that the door that was closed for you in that place will be opened at a job full of opportunity soon. Be encouraged!

Edgy Inspirational Author said...


Are you as excited as I am about Ty's debut novel being released? Thanks for hosting her on this tour. You do a great job promoting fiction!

Edgy Inspirational Author said...

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