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Promotion Mindset - Part 5 - Do You Have A Plan

PROMOTION FEAR: I don’t know what to do to get my book in front of readers.

I teach my clients to create a plan and not just wing it when it comes to their promotion.  I consider your promotion plan an important tool in your promotion kit.  Your promotion plan is what kind of promotion you plan to do for your book.  It includes your goals for your book and the budget you want to spend on your promotion.
A plan will help you see what you need to do with your marketing and it will help you see what isn’t working for your promotion.  If you don’t have a plan, you won’t know what to do with your budget.  You’ll spend money here and there and before you know it, you have tons of boxes with promotion items collecting dust in your basement because you never gave them out at the events you’d hoped to attend. Since you didn’t have a plan or budget you ended up missing a lot of events.
This is why you want to have a plan-so you have goals for your promotion and places and things to spend that budget on.  You know you’ll need bookmarks to give out at the conferences you have on your schedule to attend.  You’ll definitely need business cards, because you’ll be giving those out after you’ve spoken that the conference.
Be sure you’re spending money on things you need.  Not what you want. It’s big difference when you’re writing.  You need a lot of things for your writing.  Make sure you have a budget and a very good plan to get your books into the marketplace and before your readers.
I say realistic because we overwhelm ourselves by trying to reach goals we know will never happen and then we stress ourselves out when they don’t happen. For example you want to sell 50 books a day but you’ve only been selling one book a day for months.   Create a plan to help you boost your sells, so you can you reach this daily goal?
Yes, you need a budget to promote your books.  It’s easy to find free stuff, but eventually you’ll need to start spending money on your books.  One reason to have a budget is to invest in your own books.  You need to have a website.  You want to have your own home base.  You don’t want to use social media as your home base.  You can get free ones, but you want to have your own domain name and that costs money, too.  All those expenses are part of your budget.
Even if you’re online, you need to pass out information about your books.  Business cards, bookmarks, flyers and programs are part of your budget and they cost money.  You want to invest in them.  If you publish your own book, you need a budget.  You must pay for ISBNs and printing.  That’s all part of your budget.  If you don’t have a budget, I recommend starting with a hundred dollars.  That will get you started.  You want to get yourself out there.  Many people tell me when they get some money, they’ll start back promoting.  No. You want to be consistent with your promotions.  You want to get in front of people with a bang!
You don’t want to contact promoters and tell them you have no budget and ask what they can do for you.  Really?  Do you go to the grocery store and ask them what they can give you for no money?  They’re going to say, “Get out of my store!”
If you’re a newbie, yes, we might offer you a few things, but if you’ve got five or six books under your belt, don’t tell me you have no money then ask me what can I do for you.  I can’t do anything for you.  If you want me to stay in business to help you promote, then you must have a budget just like I have to have a budget.  Don’t come to promoters like that.  It’s foul.  Don’t be foul.  Be a good person who promotes their books and has their business in order. 
If your promotion mindset is right, you won’t go to people trying to get something for nothing.  You wouldn’t want me to come to you asking how many books I can get for nothing.  I can hear it now, “I need ten of your books and I don’t plan on paying for them.”  Please!  Neither of us can stay in business giving away our products for free. 
You can’t do everything. Pick 1-3 things to focus on each month. For example, I create a monthly campaign either a social media campaign or an email marketing campaign. I plan the content, the graphics and the dates I want the campaign to run. This is what I focus on for the month.
Having a good promotion plan is all about drawing readers/customers to you. You want them to be excited to hear about your book/product not turned off by your over aggressive actions.
Many writers and business owners continue doing certain promotions because that’s what everyone else is doing. However, they aren’t getting a return on their investment.
If you spend two hours a day posting in groups for three months and you haven’t seen one lead, one sale. It’s time to reconsider your time. You want to get a return on your promotion – a new reader, a new subscriber, or a new client. You don’t want to continue doing the same promotion and nothing comes from it. This is when fear sneaks in and tells you to not do anything at all.
YOUR CHALLENGE ASSIGNMENT:  Your plan should include:

1.      Who is your audience?
2.      Where is your audience?
3.      How to reach your audience?
4.      How often you will you contact your audience?
5.      What are your goals for your promotion?
6.      What is your budget for your plan?
7.      What are your yearly, monthly, and daily plan of actions?
8.      What kind of content will you use for your plan?
9.      What scheduling tool will you use to keep you on track?
10.    How you will judge if your promotion works?

I  plan to ROCK my book promotion.  #promotionmindset

Stop by Tuesday for Part 6.  If you have questions or comments, leave them in the comments.
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