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Meet This Week's Kindle Vella Books - December 14, 2021


Kindle Vella is a new platform for serialized books.  Each week SORMAG's blog will feature new books for you to check out.  Our hope is for you to find new books and authors to follow.  Please come back and let us know what you think about the books.


Heartbeat: A Hometown Hero Novel

 Maya Anderson only knows success. Set a goal, create the plan, achieve. It's always worked. Then her boyfriend tried to kill her. Now her new goal is simple: stay alive. Mike Sheppard left his hometown a bruised, broken kid vowing never to return, yet here he is 20 years later, paying dues for the dead. His goal: help the town his father nearly destroyed. Neither can afford to get distracted, both have everything to lose, but how can you ignore love when it's just a heartbeat away?




Duty to Love

by Brynette L. Turner

Love dominates when two strong-willed FBI agents face power struggles on the job. Feeling undermined and diminished by racism and sexism, Vanessa needs the support of her man more than ever. Steve's legendary loyalty to the FBI conflicts with a consuming need to protect and encourage the woman who holds his heart. Can they commit to each other, focus on the human trafficking crisis in their state, and survive the clashes between personal goals, bureaucracy, and office politics?



A Hollow Contract

by B. Pigeon

Arc One (episodes 1 - 15) now complete!* Theo agrees to be the wizard Mara's apprentice, but ends up working as her errand boy instead. In order to actually learn magic, Theo will have to pay close attention to those around him-and in the process, he uncovers some questionable rumors about Mara, and begins a secretive relationship with her rival's protege, Felix.



You For Me

by C. Monet

What would you do if your wife was murdered and her parting words left you with more questions than answers? Would you spend every waking moment trying to unravel the puzzle? Or let the secrets stay buried? Royal is on a search for answers and after enlisting the help of a stranger he may find them and possibly a new love that can unthaw his heart. When someone's for you there's nothing you can do to stop it. Boundaries will be crossed, secrets uncovered and the stakes couldn't be higher. 



Winter's Myths

by Gage Greenwood


After a disease ravages his underground community, Winter escapes with his two daughters to the upper world, a place called Earth. Winter fears what he will find on Earth, but he is surprised to find the planet has largely been abandoned. As he and his daughters struggle to survive, and come face to face with deadly foes, Winter tells his children stories and legends as a way to make sense of their new surroundings. In Winter's world, we are the mythology. We are the legends. We are the threat.



Breeder Betrayed: An Alien Abduction Romance

by Edna Peach


Sent to Earth two years ago to find a solution for her species sterility problem, Lu is lonely and frustrated. But as news of her success reaches her, she is all too willing to find specimens and bring them home. Men, she will hunt them and steal them. Redding never imagined he'd be abducted by a beautiful alien, or that he'd go almost willingly. But what happens when Redding learns his future is a breeding colony and when Lu discovers love? Can she follow order to send him to his fate? 



Death Date

by B.Y. Simpson

People tell you to live life to the fullest. Take your time. Don't make rash decisions. I should have listened. Maybe it would have made a difference. Tomorrow is my eighteenth birthday. A day that's supposed to be special. Eighteen years old means adulthood. Life is just starting. That's how it used to be, years ago. Before our new society formed. Instead, I face uncertainty. My past sways the outcome. On this birthday, I will receive the most important gift. The gift of the date I will die. 



The Galatian Exchange

by Pepper Pace

Corruption runs rampant even in a not-so-distant future where the biggest lottery is rigged so that the only winners are rich and white. But in a world that has been ravaged by a destructive alien attack, an opportunity for a lifetime of riches in exchange for serving as consort to one of the alien defenders is indeed a great prize. Down on her luck, Karma will be the first Black consort, despite believing that being an alien't whore is only slightly better than being one for humans.  



Finding Topaz

by Chloe Knight

Okay, so there is this legend. Three extraordinary soldiers, the gemstones of Planet Nexa. First, the Sapphire, a master of concealing her emotions who once used pyrokinesis to burn down an entire military compound in seconds. The Diamond is equally powerful with her cyrokinesis and has secrets of her own. Then there's me, the Topaz, a mouthy, serial runaway who fell for the wrong guy, and has the power to make a horrifying war infinitely worse.



Building Your Readership - Becoming A Social Butterfly

by LaShaunda Hoffman

Becoming A Social Butterfly is all about introducing you and your books to new readers. Inside this book is a step by step plan to building your readership. It includes actions steps you can start implementing when you close the book. Are you ready to become a Social Butterfly?



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