Monday, October 07, 2019

BOOK PICKS OF THE WEEK - October 7 -13, 2019

This book tells a story many of us are afraid to tell. We've either been called liars, or secrets were buried in the closet, under a rug in effort to keep up an appearance that doesn't really exist. We hold on to secrets feeling that if we hid them then the bad memories and events in our lives will disappear. This story tells what happens when you run from the truth. How secrets will cause you to face them, and confront the fears we have. Watch each individual as they go through their own personal journey dealing with..... secrets!


Raphael stared down at the bags filling the vestibule. There were four large suitcases and a designer duffel bag he’d purchased for Kena last year. He didn’t even know the designer but knew she would have it because it cost a grip to purchase. He wanted her to have everything and more. 

She ain’t leaving me and taking my stuff, was his first thought, but as he walked through the huge house, he realized she wasn’t there, and the smaller nondescript suitcases were gone with her. Racing back to the living room, he kicked one of the bags, and realized it was empty. Checking one and then the other, he saw they were all empty, except the duffel. It was filled with other expensive handbags he’d purchased. 

There was also a note: Raph, I told you it was me or the bag... I’m not living that life with you forever. Since you chose the bag, here are a few more.


Feeling frustrated and scared, Raphael turned around in a circle, their life together, flashing before his eyes. She warned him. 

Astronaut. Ballerina. Chef. Doctor. 
What do you want to be?

Samara and Lyric are cousins who love to visit their grandmother, MeMe. The girls talk about all the wonderful things they want to be. Their self-esteem and confidence grow as they learn about women who have done what they hope to do. 

Oh, The Things I Can Be When I See Me was inspired by a grandmother’s conversations with her granddaughters. Filled with historical pioneers and modern-day trailblazers, this picture book empowers girls of color by providing examples of successful women who look like them.

Oh, The Things I Can Be When I See Me appeals to readers who loved Dr. Seuss’ Oh, The Places You’ll Go and Vashti Harrison’s Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History. No other children’s book succeeds in offering girls an entertaining, vibrant and undeniably unique perspective on career aspirations.

This book is a compilation of poems and quotes from different eras of LaQuisha's life. There's an interesting way in which the writing comes together, much like the burning of music to a CD. She's able to weave narration in between to allow the reader to breathe, to take in what was written, and to hopefully, reflect. You are sure to enjoy this book, and all it has to offer...

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