Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Promotion Mindset Part 2 - Believe In Yourself

Now I am the queen of promotion and you would think I had no issues with believing in myself, and I didn't for a while but once I started dealing with fear that all changed.
I love talking about books, however, talking about myself or my writing that's a whole different ball game.  I think when you write it's a lonely business. You're not really bragging about books, talking to people about yourself, or excited about what you do because you’re at home just writing.
When you’re a newbie writer, you’re all excited about your books, you’re submitting them.  You’re thinking you’ll be on the NY Bestsellers List.  It’s all fresh and new.  As the years goes by and you been doing it for a long time.  Your confidence shell gets cracked a little bit.  You get a few rejections.  It looks like it’s never going to happen.  You start doubting. Is my work any good? Am I any good?
It starts really digging into you.
I’d stopped believing in myself and hadn’t even realized it.  I had lost me, and I had to go out and find LaShaunda the writer.
To find me, I had to admit my fears. Most of us aren’t ready to admit our fears and that’s why we have a hard time believing in ourselves. 
I had to change my mindset about me.  One way of doing that was using affirmations and music.  A lot of people who teach on fear suggest using affirmations to help you deal with your fears.  I believe in music for empowerment and using both helped me with my fears.
As I mentioned music is something I use to deal with my fears.  The words inspire me.  Each year I pick a theme song to empower me forward.  For example:
Just Fine by Mary J. Blige
Walking On Sunshine by Katrina
Go Get It By Mary Mary
Do My Thing by Estelle
This Girl Is On Fire by Alicia Keys
Believe In Yourself – The Wiz
These songs picked up my spirits and made me feel like I can beat the world.
So I had to learn about rebuilding my confidence in LaShaunda.  Who is LaShaunda?  What can she offer? What can she do? Can she be the writer she wants to be or is that just a myth?
I had to be excited about me again.  What do I offer to this world?   What is my purpose here?   As I learned this I started rebuilding myself.
One of the things I did was ask for help. I got a business coach/life coach. She showed me the fears that were controlling me. We worked through how to get past the fears.
It takes a lot of prayer, sitting down and looking at yourself.  The fear will always be there, but you can get past it. Once I realized I could get past the fear and it was in my head, I told myself, I can do this.
I began to believe in myself again I finished my manuscript.  I sent it off to the editor who had good things to say about it.  Instead of putting it inside the closet with the other manuscripts, I decided I was ready to release my fears and let the world see my book.  I was ready to believe in ME.
LaShaunda Hoffman ROCKS and my book ROCKS.  Now it was time for the world to see it.  I uploaded the book to Amazon and I stepped back.
Who are you?
You are this amazing person. People need to know who you are. Everyone has something special about them. Everyone has a purpose in this life.
I was listening to Cheryl Wood. She’s one of my online mentors. She said that you have a gift and you should share your gift every day. Are you sharing your gift every day?
Are you believing in yourself?  That you have a purpose here in this world? That God has something special for you to share to other people?
Fear never goes away and it always trying to chip at your belief in yourself but instead of wallowing in like I use to, I pop on one of my songs, get my dance on and say to myself – LASHAUNDA ROCKS!


It’s time to start believing in yourself again.  You are amazing writer, and don’t you tell yourself any different.

Write down three affirmations you can say to yourself each day.
For example - I am amazing. I rock this!
Pick a theme song that empowers you – Play it to inspire you
Pick three scriptures – Say them when the fear tries to take control.

I  ROCK and my book (title of book) ROCKS!  Have you read a copy (add a link) #promotionmindset
Stop by tomorrow for Part 3.  If you have questions or comments, leave them in the comments.
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Jeanette Hill said...

This is a workshop, sermon, lecture and affirmation in a post! Thank you so much for the encouragement. Fear is very real and the only way we overcome it is to ‘Do It Afraid!’

Tony Stark said...
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