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Promotion Mindset Part 3 - ARE YOU EXCITED ABOUT YOUR BOOK?

Today I'm going to be talking about being excited about your book.
Most people when they come to me are kind of disappointed in the way their promotion is going. They are reaching out for help, unfortunately they wait until the last minute to reach out for help.
I recommend that if you have a book that you reach out for help before the book releases versus after it releases.
Because by then you are not excited about your book anymore, it's hard to get that excitement back after you've been disappointed in sales or trying to find readers.
The mindset of being excited about your book really helps with promoting your book.  When I meet newbie's that have recently published their book, they are so excited. They're so enthusiastic about their book.  They tell everybody and their mamma about their book. 
When you are disenchanted about your book, you're not telling anybody anymore.  You can't figure out how to get your book out there. You're not reaching the readers you want. And so, the excitement goes down and you lost the thrill to promote it. You're sad.
By the time a writer comes to me to do virtual tea, I can hear in their voice they’re not excited anymore.  It breaks my heart because most times, they can’t get the excitement back.
I don’t want you to be at the point of no longer having the excitement for your books.  You want the promotion mindset –You want the same excitement you had for the first book for the 15th book.
Why?  If you're not excited about your book, then who else will be?  If you’re not excited then readers aren't going to ask you about it because they don't know you have a book. So, if you're out and about and you’re not talking about your book; if you’re at events and just sitting in your room; if you're online not talking about your book.  Eventually the readers are going to think you're not writing anymore.  When you do have a new book release nobody is excited about it with you because you're not excited.
I see a lot of authors when their book comes out they ask their readers to change their profile pictures. That's excitement. They’re excited about it and people start changing their profile pictures and you see all these pictures of the book. That excitement gets readers to talking about your book.
Most writers don’t understand the promotion process, once the first week goes by and they’re not making the sales they thought they were supposed to, the excitement goes down.
THAT’S NOT HOW IT WORKS. Promotion is a daily process.
I ask writers all the time: have you told somebody about your book today.  Most people don’t. They release it and think the readers will come.
I had to learn that the hard way too. Just because I know writers doesn't mean they know me. I know a lot of writers, but they didn't know I wrote a book. Why? Because I didn't tell them.
You have to tell people.  Never assume everybody knows about your book.  They don’t.  And don’t assume just because you got five books, they know all five of them.  If this book is the fifth book, you can still talk about the first book because somebody might not have read it.
You want people to be able to be excited about your book just as you're excited about it. Get out there and be excited about your book so we can be excited about your book. Because if we’re not excited, what is happening?  Nobody is buying the book, nobody.
Word of mouth sells tons and tons of books. Open your mouth.
Talk about your book. Be excited about your book and tell other people.



I want you to go back and find that excitement. 
Write down:
Why did you write this book? 
Why do you want to share it with people?
Who do you want to read this book? 
Why do you want them to read this book? 
Why should they buy your book?

Write three quotes about why should readers read your book? 

Choose one of your quotes and post it on social media.  Include a link to purchase  - #promotionmindset
Stop by tomorrow for Part 3.  If you have questions or comments, leave them in the comments.
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